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Simple Process

A guided path to freedom from drinking, with a simple and easy to understand approach.

Unrivalled Support 

Direct support from expert alcohol coaches to ensure you achieve your goals, with additional help whenever you need it.

Structured Training

Powerful training sessions that deliver the maximum impact. You can join these live or watch them back at your convenience.

Live Q&As 

Join inspirational live Q&A sessions designed to ensure you succeed in achieving the life you want. All sessions are recorded and available to watch back anytime.


Become accountable to others at your own pace and find a new level of power in your path to alcohol freedom.


Join an incredible community of people on the exact same journey, make new friends, find support and help others.


Membership Includes

Live Coaching 

Live Coaching (usually with Simon) delivers lasting change. Join via the private Facebook group where we discuss specific pre-planned topics. 

Audio Course & eBook 

Membership includes access to an incredible, game-changing 80+ part audio programme. You will also receive a copy of The Sober Survival Guide eBook.

Structured Coaching

Coaching is carefully planned to ensure a structured approach is taken on the path to alcohol freedom. Members also have access to a library of past video sessions.

Online Group Meetings

Join our group meetings for the best advice, support and accountability online via Zoom video. You can contribute as much or as little as you like with no pressure in a friendly environment.

Direct Support

All members have direct email access to a coach, usually Simon. You can email questions, ask for advice or reach out if you need help. You will also have access to support via messenger and a group forum.

Private Group Access

Membership includes access to the Be Sober - Stay Sober private Facebook group. Where you can find support, connection, advice and help from other members, mentors and coaches. 

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What exactly are the live coaching and group meetings?

Alongside the audio programme, live coaching and group sessions are among the most powerful elements of Be Sober - Stay Sober. The live session schedule is posted in the members only Facebook group ahead of time along with instructions for joining. Live sessions are structured and allow you to connect with a coach (usually Simon) live in real time.  Live sessions are perfect for self-growth and learning, you can also ask questions and find direct accountability and support in a safe and caring environment.

Why is there a charge to be a member?

We provide a wealth of free resources on YouTube and in the main Be Sober free Facebook group. The audio programme, website, forum, live coaching and support provided within Be Sober - Stay Sober require considerable time and resources to manage and run, in order for us to deliver the very best experience and a powerful programme that delivers lasting change we have to make a charge. The cost has been kept as reasonable as possible to ensure as many people as possible can have access.

There is no minimum or maximum timeframe that you need to sign up for. Members pay on a rolling month by month basis. It is recommended you work slowly through the audio programme and join as many live coaching sesions and group calls as possible. You can stop/cancel your membership at any point, but this is not recommended until you feel that you are totally free from alcohol, Speak to our team if you are unsure.

After the 14 day free trial, how long do I need to sign up for?
What is included in the audio programme?

The audio programme has over 80 lessons for you to work through at your own pace. The programme is structured and will take you on a journey where you will start by exploring how alcohol features in your life right through to learning how to make a lasting change. You can use the audio course on any computer, laptop of smartphone. Listen anywhere at anytime.

How frequent are the live coaching sessions and group calls?

The current schedule is for a minimum of two live coaching sessions per week. One will take place live in the members-only Facebook group each week alongside one group session (usually using Zoom). You can access the live schedule under 'Events' in the Facebook group. If you are unable to join a session live you will have the option to wacth a replay whenever you wish.

Can I cancel or stop at any time?

Yes, you can stop at any point- there is no minimum length of time that you need to commit to being a member. It is recommended you use the programme for however long it takes for you to reach your goals. Before cancelling we recommend reaching out to our team at 

I am on medication to help stop drinking, or I have suffered severe withdrawal symptoms in the past

If you have experienced physical withdrawal symptoms when you have taken a break from alcohol in the past, or, if you are on medication designed to help you quit drinking we recommend speaking to your GP before you cease drinking alcohol. However, you can still use the programme and all member benefits.. 

How do I login to the audio programme and access the members only Facebook group?

You will receive a welcome email with ful details of how to access the audio programme and members-only forum. You will also receive an invite to join the members-only Facebook group.

How do I get my copy of The Sober Survival Guide eBook?

You can get your copy of The Sober Survival Guide in eBook format when you login to the members area online. If you would like a paperback (or signed) copy please send a message, all you need to pay is the shipping cost.

What Members are Saying

Below are a handful of the hundreds of testimonials received from people who have found freedom from alcohol with Simon's help.
Names have been changed to protect privacy.

Former drinker

Huge THANK YOU words to Simon, who helped me to became a new person. I am now someone who used to drink, and doesn't want that / need it any more. I never thought it would be possible to pass a day without an alcoholic drink, but now its completely opposite, I can't picture myself having one at all. And I am happy and proud of my achievement. This would never happen without Be Sober programme. It changed my beliefs and to me it was a key to success. Simon's quit drinking programme gave me many tips and advice when going through the process of becoming sober. The best one I remember at this moment is treating sober life as being liquid vegan :) I do cherish my sober life, I feel that I am not missing anything by being sober. I know how to tackle situations when alcohol is around while I enjoy myself with a glass of lime and soda. 2 months ago I would say to myself ''it's impossible'' but now, it is piece of cake. So if anybody needs help in changing their life to sober one - I DO recommend Simon's programme. I am sober since 13 of May, some might say it hasn't been long, but it only proves how powerful Simon's programme is. All the best, and once again thank you.


Former daily drinker

I am SO loving your program Simon. You are bringing together so many ideas and practices that I have toyed with, and are connecting them into one lifestyle that I am happy to live in. This is the third program I have tried, and is the one that I feel most confident about. I have learned a lot from the other two, which is scaffolding on which Be Sober is built. What Simon brings to the table is a lot enthusiasm, positive energy, and VERY specific tactics to deal with the challenges that come with going alcohol free. Rather moping about what I have done I the past, and how I have failed staying away from alcohol, I see a bright future where I am happily living an alcohol free lifestyle.
Thank you Simon


Former heavy drinker

Just want to say thank you. The zoom session yesterday was awesome, your website, previous sessions, the Facebook group, everything!! I started with the LAE and joining up with you just felt like the right next step for me. With your coaching and support I have no doubt I can do this, I AM doing this. In total gratitude, Laureen

IMPORTANT - This programme is designed for people with a psychological dependance on alcohol. Some people have a physical addiction and should seek medical advice before ceasing alcohol consumption. This programme is not a substitute for medical advice and if you are in any way concerned about withdrawal symptoms or any other reaction to stopping drinking, please ensure you speak to your Doctor.

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